2011 Awards Banquet, Sunday Feb. 26

Our theme this year is Boots and Bandannas. 

Festivities start at 5 PM with chips and salsa. Barbeque will be served at 5:30. The presentation of awards will start at 6:30 and we'll announce raffle winners at 7 PM.

Tickets for adults are $25 and children 12 and under are $15. All tickets must be purchased in advance.

Wear your rodeo boots and jeans. The youngsters will have a chance to try some western speed events on foot out in the arena afterward. Kids may bring a pair of running shoes if they wish or try it in boots. No stocking feet, sorry!

Anyone able to bring a few extra tables and chairs will be greatly appreciated. Let us know if you can help.


Did you find the FREE CAMP Special?

Did you find the FREE CAMP Special?


Here’s what to do next.


Email and state your name and phone number. Make sure that you have an original newspaper ad offering the Free Camp Special. Copies cannot be accepted. The eligible camper needs to be ready to ride on one of the special “Saturdays in January” 12 PM intro-camp (a $40 value). In your email, tell us the Saturday that you’d like to attend. Only five riders per date will be accepted. Once you’ve found the ad, don’t wait! Register today.


To be eligible for this special event, riders must be new to Sam Houston Equestrian Center and aged six to seventeen year. No previous experience is necessary. Riders need to wear long pants, boots or sturdy outdoor shoes to the stable. Riders may borrow a helmet or bring their own.


After the first FIVE registrations for January 7th are made, any additional individuals responding will be offered other Saturday dates until this special runs out. Please, one new rider per family. Additional brothers, sisters and friends may attend the Intro Camp Special for $40.00 which is $15 less than the usual price.


Additional specials, including discounted lessons and camps, are available at Sam Houston Equestrian Center. A month of lessons (one per week for 4 weeks) is $180.00.  The Sam Houston Equestrian Center has programs for all ages and levels.


Answers to Camper Quiz

1. A horse or pony with black legs, mane and tail is called a "bay". Some are light brown and they are called bright bays. Really dark, nearly black, are called seal bays. Dark red are called blood bays.


2. A cinch is western and a girth is English. Both are used to keep a saddle on the horses back.


3. The horn is used when a cowboy ropes a cow. He ties his lariet to the horn and the horse stops the cow.


4. SHEC has gray horses which look white. A true white horse is an albino and has pink or blue eyes.


5. Western riders use a navajo blanket and then a thick pad usually.


6. An English rider usually uses a square pad and then a shaped pad. Western pads are fine too.

 More answers later!


Summer Camper's Quiz

There are quite a few things that a camper can learn at the stables. Take this quiz and test your knowledge. Check the answers in the next post.


1. What color is a horse with black knees, legs, mane and tail?

2. What is the difference between a cinch and a girth?

3. Why does a western saddle have a horn?

4. If someone called a horse white, would that be possible here at SHEC?

5. How many pads are usually used when riding western?

6. Are English pads usually the same as western?

7. What makes a halter different from a bridle?

8. Where would you find a throat latch?

9. Which hoof is the first one cleaned?

10. What is the hoof cleaning tool called?

11. List several kinds of "colored" or spotted horses or ponies.

12. What is the most fun activity at the barn?


Benefits in Back to School Riding Lessons

Are you, as a parent, looking for a way to improve your child’s focus in school? If so, try horseback riding lessons. Not only is the exercise fun, but the sport is packed with life lessons and practical skills. In the after-school programs at Sam Houston Equestrian Center, the instructors teach horsemanship skills to many types of youngsters including children with learning disabilities, those who are gifted and talented and those needing an individual sport rather than a team sport.


The Sam Houston Equestrian Center has been in operation since the 1970’s and it was formally know as Hermann Park Stables when located near the Medical Center. Now, on 25 beautiful country acres, the stable maintains a covered, lighted arena; therefore, rain does not hamper lessons. There is an air-conditioned classroom/party room for parents who are welcome to watch lessons. It’s easy to get a rider started at the Equestrian Center. Email a short profile of your student and the program director will suggest lesson options tailored to your child’s needs. More information and photos of the stable are at our website:


Students, as young as 4 years of age, can start taking private lessons, concentrating on balance and position in the saddle. Older children are eligible to join a beginner group where they learn to groom the pony, saddle up and ride independently. Riding improves tone, balance and strength. Horses help students learn patience, perseverance and kindness. Working with horses has other benefits. Horses are non-judgmental, happy to do repetitive tasks, tolerant of mistakes all for a few carrots. They calm an anxious child and keep the attention of a less than focused rider. A love of horses can motivate a student to set goals and work toward them at the stable, at home, in the classroom and for a lifetime.

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