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Did you find the FREE CAMP Special?

Did you find the FREE CAMP Special?


Here’s what to do next.


Email info@hermannparkstables.com and state your name and phone number. Make sure that you have an original newspaper ad offering the Free Camp Special. Copies cannot be accepted. The eligible camper needs to be ready to ride on one of the special “Saturdays in January” 12 PM intro-camp (a $40 value). In your email, tell us the Saturday that you’d like to attend. Only five riders per date will be accepted. Once you’ve found the ad, don’t wait! Register today.


To be eligible for this special event, riders must be new to Sam Houston Equestrian Center and aged six to seventeen year. No previous experience is necessary. Riders need to wear long pants, boots or sturdy outdoor shoes to the stable. Riders may borrow a helmet or bring their own.


After the first FIVE registrations for January 7th are made, any additional individuals responding will be offered other Saturday dates until this special runs out. Please, one new rider per family. Additional brothers, sisters and friends may attend the Intro Camp Special for $40.00 which is $15 less than the usual price.


Additional specials, including discounted lessons and camps, are available at Sam Houston Equestrian Center. A month of lessons (one per week for 4 weeks) is $180.00.  The Sam Houston Equestrian Center has programs for all ages and levels.