Halloween Horse Show

Western Horsemanship Jonathan 1st, Kendyl 2, Addie 3,Jaylyn 4

Ring Game Addie 1st, Kendyl 2, Jonathan 3, Jaylyn 4

Calf Roping Game  Jonathan 1, Addie 2, jayden 3, Kendyl 4


English Walk, Trot and Canter: Fiona 1st,Erin, 2, Saige 3

Tiny Tot: Caleb 1,1,2; Neha 2, 2, 1; Catherine 3,3,3

English Beginners: Ava 1,1.2; Sofia 2,2,1  


Costumes included 2 unicorns, a Dia de los Muertos girl,

a  blue fairy, a Roman goddess, a dragon, a ninja. All the costumes were cute.






















Winners on Friday June 15th Week 2 of Camp

Everyone passed their trotting test. Most of the riders knew how to post. Tack was completed by all students.

In the Ring Game First Place when to Canaan and Romeo who also won first place in week one.

Second place riders were Caroline and Nora.

Third place Celia and Ella and Abby

Fourth place  Peter, Caleb, Lorelei

Fifth place Neja, Momoka, McCartney

6th place Evelyn, Yuna


Winners on Friday June 8th First week of Camp

Campers had a great time this week. Lessons on Monday and Tuesday got everyone up to speed for a more exciting end of the week. Wednesday was bareback and riders learned emergency dismount. On Thursday riders had a chance to learn about jumping. Frida y afternoon riders went for speed in the ring game.

In sixth place, Danielle on Sweet Cream earned a score of 15.55

In fifth place, was Caroline on Rainbow with a score of 14.26

Fouth place was a tie between Caroline and Peter with 13.45 and 13.23

Third went to Laurel on Dutchess  at 9.22

Second went to Julia on Dakota with a score of 8.66

And the big winner was Canaan on Romeo with a score of 8.62


Archive of Past Events

Several past events have been left here to show the variety of programs we have at Sam Houston Equestrian  Stables. A few articles concern a former student. 

The article Cookies and Brownies explains how to book a party for scouts.

Another article discusses gear that is useful for riding. Please read!


Dutchess is going to the Houston Ballet

Preparations for the April and May production of The Man of La Mancha by the Houston Ballet will feature our own "Dutchess" in the role of Rocinante, Don Quijote's faithful steed In the past the role was played by MacCloud one of our former lesson horses. You can see of photo of the ballet in the party room on the piano. Plans are being made to create  a video of Dutchess as a lesson horse, following her to the stage of the ballet. She will have special shoes to keep her from slipping and prevent harming to the stage. We are very excited about Dutchess's adventure. Follow her progress here at Sam Houston Equestrian Center