When there's no school, come join us at HorseCamp!

 Summer Camps

$650/week 5 days 8:30-3:30

 TWO VERSIONS of CAMP will be offered:



Trail Ride Day is Thursday, after riders have a good position on the horse.


All-Day Riders arrive between 8:30 and 9AM

Campers pick-up is 3PM to 3:30.

Riders who need to stay until 5 PM will be charged $15/day.

Morning Half-Day Campers arrive at around 8:45and stay until 12 PM.

Afternoon Half-Day Campers arrive around 12:30 and get picked up between 3 and 3:30.

Camps are sold by the week or by the day.

Single day pricing: $65 for half day and $135 for all day. Single day is by availability!

Please write clearly--name, address, cell phone # and email address

Camper's name and the week you'd like to attend.

A week of camp is $450 until March 31

Weeks are higher later! Book asap. Only 12 riders per week.



What Do Riders Learn at Horse Camp?

Hands On Horse and Equipment Care

Riders learn to care for their horses by grooming and saddling their mounts before each ride. They learn the correct form of mounting a horse that requires the use of a stepladder. Riders watch the farrier (horseshoer) on Wednesdays. He often nails steel shoes onto a horse's hooves; however most of our horses and ponies are barefoot and enjoy a natural trim about once every six weeks.

Non riding activities include classroom studies, videos, and activities such as showering and shampooing a horse, how to measure a horse's height, cleaning tack, etc. All horses and ponies ridden by beginners are very quiet and tolerant.

Riding Skills

Inside the arena, riders guide their horses around cones, learn to balance, and control their horses. A popular game "Red Light/Green Light" is used to practice stopping and going. In ring one, riders learn to walk, guide and then trot their horses. In ring two, more experienced riders get a chance to ride with an English saddle. In ring three, riders practice equitation over fences. Equitation is another word for horsemanship—a rider’s ability to guide and control a horse.

During week long camps, Wednesday is bareback day. Riders feel the motion of the horse. No one is afraid of falling off after practicing emergency dismounts at the trot. On Thursday, everyone goes out on the trail to try out riding in the open.

On Friday, the last day of camp, there is a competition. All three rings show off their level of horsemanship by having perfect form and guiding their horses around the arena listening to the commands of the ringmaster. The fastest event in the horse show is the "Ring Game". Best time wins, but you need to get the ring on the stick or ten seconds are added to your score. Everyone gets an award at a ribbon ceremony after the show. Judges give comments and encouragement. Everyone wants the blue ribbon but each ribbon whatever the color makes a great keepsake reminding riders of their special week at horse camp.

After the day’s events horses happily return to their stalls. Riders are comfortable leading their trusty mounts around the barn. Before campers go home each day, equipment is returned to the tack room. Riders learn to be responsible for their horses and their tack.



Advanced riders demonstrate proper techniques for the amazment of the young campers in jumping demos every Wednesday! Here is one of our riders jumping 4 and a half feet!

Age Requirements

It is recommended that campers be at least seven years old. Younger riders, 6 or even 5 years of age, may be registered if they have prior riding experience. They are encouraged to take the "camp preview" riding session offered on Saturdays. 


Campers staying the whole day should bring a packed lunch. The classroom has a refrigerator and a cold drink machine. Snacks and water are recommended. Bring carrots for the horses!

Upcoming Camps and Forms

The MONDAY of each open camp week is posted on the calendar page. Please choose the weeks that you'd like.

Registration Forms

In order to register for camps please fill out the following forms. Please indicate ALL DAY or JUNIOR camp. No other plans are available this year. Then mail them to us:

Camp Registration Form

Camp Release Form

The forms are in PDF format; you may need to download Adobe Reader to read them.









For Single Day Camps only: Memorial Day, Labor Day MLK Day
One Day All Day, booking 2 weeks prior 8:30AM-3:30PM $135  
One Day Morning 9:30AM-12:30AM $65  
One Day Afternoon 1:00PM-3:30PM $65